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What is a girl to do when she is craving pancakes in Prague?  When palačinky, the Czech Republic’s answer to the pancake, are not enough and you are craving North American-style pancakes that are found flipping on every diner griddle on the continent on a Saturday and Sunday morning?  The solution, is the Pancake Factory.

Last week I was at the gym and was flipping through a Czech magazine that was left on a table and noticed a red advertisement that screamed for my attention.  The small box on the middle of the page contained two words that were heaven to my ears, “American and Russian pancakes.”  I was sold.  I scribbled down the website and went home to Google my find, “Pancake Factory, Prague.”  To my delight, I found the restaurant and it was only located 34 km south of Prague, in the village of Kamenice, which makes for a nice drive on a Saturday morning.

The Pancake Factory specializes in American and Russian style pancakes in addition to offering other non-pancake restaurant items like meat and fish.   This place is part bakery and part restaurant and is open from 11 am to 11pm.

On our pancake-seeking mission, we ordered banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, a mint tea and a cappuccino and I have to say, it was all pretty good.  The pancakes were light and fluffy and came with a side of two sauces, a raspberry sauce and a maple-esque caramel sauce.  The restaurant’s interior looks like a cottage with wood panels, samovars and other antiques displayed on the shelves and a fireplace in the back room.  There is also a play-pen section filled with toys for kids.  Our pancake breakfast was a fun experience and a beautiful, quick drive and I would totally recommend it to satiate your next pancake craving in Prague.

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