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Have you ever looked in your fridge and been determined to use whatever is left before the next round of grocery shopping?  That was my mission for dinner tonight.  I still had a fridge half full of veggies that I picked up on my way back from Berlin that I wanted to put to good use.  It seems that every four weeks or so, I am in Dresden where I make a stop to visit my favourite organic grocery store, Konsum (the mini Whole Foods of Dresden), and stocked up on veggies, tofu, and organic chicken.  It’s not that I am unable to buy veggies, tofu and organic chicken in Prague.  Rather a) I can’t find these items in one store and b) an extension of a) it takes a lot more leg work and planning to acquire such products in one shopping trip.

I had fennel, leeks, peppers, avocado, zucchini, tofu, dill, fingerling potatoes, Czech feta cheese (extra salty), and arugula to work with.   After a failed attempt to find something inspiring on Epicurious earlier in the day, I decided to refer back to my new cookbook that I picked up before I left to Prague called Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson from blog extraordinaire, 101 Cookbooks.  Last week I tried making her Orzo Salad (again with some doctoring up to the recipe) and it was fabulous.

This evening, my fiance and I tried out her Mostly Not Potato Salad and Shaved Fennel Salad (with a couple modifications of course) and I am happy to report that both salads were quick to make and resulted in a delicious and flavourful dinner for two.  In my books, three successful recipes in one cookbook means it’s a keeper and I will continue to test more recipes and re-make all three of the salads I listed in this post.

Don’t mind my lack of food styling in the shots below; especially the red bowl my fiance chose to house the potato salad! 🙂


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