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I just got back from Berlin and had a terrific time touring the city in two days.  I promise to write a full post on Berlin later this week recounting the city’s food and design, but for tonight, I leave you with one thought: Yoli.  Yoli is Berlin’s answer to the global frozen yogurt craze.  While it’s not self serve, it has a choose your own topping bar, and what a selection it has!  My new favourite toppings, that I have never seen before, included lemon curd, a hazelnut creme with crunchy bits, chocolate sauce with brownies.  My Yoli concoction was a small, basic, yogurt with raspberries, creamy hazelnut and flourescent yellow, lemon curd.  It was delicious but I will admit I felt a bit sick from all the sugar (my system is not used to hazelnut cream and rich lemon curd) but it was worth it!  However the next time I go back to Yoli, I may choose something a bit more tame, like fruit and maybe a chocolate chip or two-

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