Ecclectic Tea Party Table Setting

Eclectic Tea Party Table Setting

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 The weather in Prague has turned rainy and cold this week and I think fall is here to stay, unlike the 26 degree weather I am jealous of back home.  I’ve enjoyed unpacking all my goods from Toronto and getting everything re-set up in our new apartment.  While the size of the apartment is the same, we’ve gained a considerable amount of storage space that didn’t exist for us in our old place which is nice when you collect platters and tea cups like I do.
One of the selling points of this apartment is that just down the street there is great cafe called Muj Salek Kavy that has breakfast/brunch, cakes/tarts, lunch and dinner.  I found out it is run by a South African guy, which is why the “brunch” items are done well.  This place has a terrific jasmine tea, and I have even overlooked the fact that it comes in a bag instead of looseleaf (gasp) – and drip coffee for the fiance.  In the spirit of tea, I’ve put together an eclectic mix of items that I would put on my table to host a rainy day October tea party.
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