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Sorry for the brief delay in posting. Life has been hectic.  Lots of positive changes in August and September and a whole slew of new posts coming your way.  I wanted to write about weekend lunches and why we don’t do them often enough in Toronto.  Two weeks ago we hosted a lunch for my cousin and his wife as a post wedding celebration.  My mom and I downloaded a bunch of vegetarian/vegan recipes to honour the newlyweds and spent all morning in a chopping frenzy.  It turned out to be a delicious lunch, extremly filling and very healthy.  I liked it better than having a big dinner and think I may start hosting lunches more regularly.  Hosting a lunch as its benefits:  you don’t feel stuffed before bed, you typically don’t feel like having a big dinner following, you have the rest of your day ahead of you.  I remember reading in an issue of Australian Vogue Entertaining and Living that profiled family lunches and I recall thinking to myself, why don’t we do that here in Toronto.  We had a broccoli, raisin and radish salad with a tahini dressing, a walnut spicy humus, a zucchini fritata, a vegan carrot, pepper, celery salad with a citrus dressing, falafel balls, a coleslaw and fruit for dessert.






I did not fall off the face of the earth I promise.  I actually switched continents and moved to Europe; Prague to be exact.  More from Prague soon.

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