Hot chocolate layer cake

I have been in serious baking mode lately. In the past two weeks, I’ve made three fruit pies (testing two different types of crusts), a loaf of bread and the piece de resistance, the Hot Chocolate Layer Cake with Marshmallows (no marshmallows on mine) from an issue of Fine Cooking.  I think this was the EASIEST chocolate cake I have ever made. Literally melt a bunch of stuff over a double boiler then combine with dry ingredients and bake.  I would say if you are going to test this out on your own, make it a double layer instead of a triple layer.  I thought the triple layers were a bit thin, but up to you. Also, I modified the chocolate icing recipe for something a bit simpler (butter, bitter-sweet chocolate, icing sugar and milk) which turned out great and omitted the marshmallows.   I love this cake because it is not overly sweet, but it is extremely moist.  Just ask my taste testers.  I think at least seven people tasted it and agreed how moist it was.

via Fine Cooking Magazine

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