Wedding Planning: Save the Dates

I am happy to report that wedding planning is now in full effect. My fiancée and I decided a couple of weeks ago to plan our wedding in Europe,  Summer 2012.  First thing’s first when planning a destination wedding:  Give your guests as much notice as humanly possible that you are abdicating tradition and fleeing Toronto in pursuit of a romantic, coastal/beach/vineyard/mountainous/palatial destination somewhere Europe.  Sounds more appealing to me!

Back to the save-the-dates.  Selecting save-the-date cards was a simple process, contrary to what I thought would ensue.  I thought I would spend hours browsing all my favourite stationery sites, unable to choose from all the magnificent designs, but I was under a bit of a time crunch to find something, see a proof, have it shipped to Toronto and mailed out before September, so I started with and ordered a set without looking anywhere else.  We narrowed it down to four choices from four very talented designers:  The R Studio, Marabou Design, Please Reply Designs, and Ana Gonzalez (i can’t find her site).  I”m not going to spill the beans and tell you which invitation I chose, but…. stay tuned.


via by R Studio


via by Marabou Design


via by Please Reply Designs


via by Ana Gonzalez




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2 Responses to “Wedding Planning: Save the Dates”

  1. Brandy says:

    #2 is my favorite! x

  2. Ruby Gray's says:

    Me too, #2 is really fun.

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