The best lifestyle store: Isolee

There are few lifestyle stores that I’ve been to that truly execute on the “lifestyle” component well.  Isolee, in Madrid has to be one of the best, if not the best lifestyle store in the world. Isolee has two locations in Madrid and is part cosmetics, fragrances and candles, part accessories, part gadgets, part cafe, part grocery store, part mens/womens clothing and all cool.  It’s not the cheapest store, (lifestyle stores never are) but it is difficult not to walk out of there with something in hand.   They stock an impressive range of loose leaf teas (kusmi, twg tea, revolution, teapigs), chocolate (pancracio, xocoter, cudie) , pasta, sauces, oils, and beverages as well as every modern home/kitchen gadget that you could possibly desire (koziol, bodum, chilewich, lekue, menu, italesse).  Then you get to the clothing part which is amazing.  Pieces appear curated and selectively merchandised around the store.  Lots of fun and worth a stop whether you are in Chueca or in Salamanca.

Isolée: iclip uploaded this picture el April 13, 2009

Isolée: iclip uploaded this picture el April 13, 2009

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photos via iclip

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