Cos (Collection of Style)

Keeping up with my impromptu series on my discoveries in Madrid, here is another gem that is taking the European fashion world by storm.  Cos, which stands for Collection of Style, is a chain of high fashion retail stores owned by Swedish, H&M which offers the best in minimalist, good quality, fashion at affordable (almost H&M) prices.  Currently you can find Cos stores in Spain, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Ireland, Denmark, and Belgium.

When I first walked by Cos, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, and didn’t seem to pay much attention as it looked like “just another retail store.”  However, upon entering this mecca of minimalist fashion, I was hooked!  If H&M is your go-to destination for the bohemian, trendy, hipster, party look, then Cos is for the sophisticated, stylish, business person on a budget.  The store concept was launched back in March of 2007 and currently has (approx) 35 stores across Europe selling clothes for both men and women. If you find yourself in Europe anytime soon, in a city that has a Cos, and you are looking for “grownup” work clothes, fashionable going out clothes, I would 100% recommend this brand.


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