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Let me take this opportunity to give you the low-down on a terrific accessory store in Madrid that I found (one of MANY!!), called Fun & Basics.  A team of four started designing functional fun and basic accessories back in 1994 that proved to be quite popular among family and friends.  They opened their first store in 1997 and haven’t looked back since.

Fun & Basics now has stores in most major cities in Spain and several in Italy as well, as distribution in other retailers.  When I was in Madrid, I visited their store on Fuencarral in the Chuecca district as well as their store in Salamanca.  I think I returned three times to check out their purses and shoes as I was inspired by their designs.  The stores in general are minimalist in their decor and are well stocked with purses, shoes, bags, and jewelry that are bursting with colour.  I think the appeal of Fun & Basics is the simplicity of their style and the diversity of the materials and styles produced.  By the way, Fun & Basics also has a blog here if you want to keep up to date on who is wearing their items and which fashion magazine they are being featured in next!


photo via Rizi Mendes

via 11870

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