hotel anteroom

I just read about this amazing looking hotel in Japan on a couple blogs I follow, like Upon a Fold, The Brief, and Superfuture.  Hotel Anteroom is one of Kyoto’s newest boutique hotels, offering guests an affordable option in the city to park their bags and experience the feeling of staying in an art gallery.  What’s cool about this place is that Hotel Anteroom was originally a student residence that was converted into a hotel and 50 apartments.

Designed by Yamazaki Hirokazu, the rooms are stunning and cool, with their natural colour pallet and materials. The hotel is designed as a place where art and culture co-exist, providing guests a place to retreat and socialize or prepare to explore Kyoto.  It has a permanent art gallery called Gallery 9.5, a lounge, restaurant, artwork on sale, and free internet. When I make it to Japan, I am totally staying here.  Photos via Superfuture and Hotel Anteroom.

via Hotel Anteroom

via Hotel Anteroom

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