Prairie Girl Bakery

There is a new cupcake shop in downtown Toronto called Prairie Girl bakery.  Located in the financial district, a rather unlikely place for a bakery, Prairie Girl brings much needed colour and sugar to the corner of King and Victoria.  I went in last week with a colleague from work for a visit and taste test.  We tested four mini cupcakes between the two of us, vanilla lemon, red velvet cream cheese, chocolate peppermint and carrot cream cheese.  We both concluded that the icing had good consistency, was soft and whipped tasting, not overly buttery, and packed with flavour (for the lemon icing on the vanilla cupcake).  The cakes themselves were spongy and overall, quite satisfying. 

The merchandising and presentation of the cupcakes in the store is great, however the cupcakes themselves are simple and home baked in their look.  The owner has rows of cupcakes all lined up in the front display cases and on the back shelves giving a visually pleasing effect.  The base of the counter looks like swirls of white cupcake icing that has been carved or molded into the facade. FYI, there is no coffee/beverage in the store, just cupcakes.  Jean, the owner of Prairie Girl Bakery, has created a solid product and is a contender for an overall good tasting cupcake in the city.  They are neither complicated or fussy.  Just simply baked and dressed with icing with a clear attention paid to ingredients and flavour combinations.  I wish her the best of luck on carving out her niche in the financial district.

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