Letterpress in Toronto @ Snap + Tumble

A couple weeks ago my friend and I spent a creative couple of hours together on a Saturday at a letterpress workshop run by Tanya Roberts of Snap + Tumble.  We got to work with two different letterpress machines, learn how to set up a print, and made our way through 150 pieces of cardstock each! 

It was a lot of fun and nice to make something with your hands and see the finished product.  I found Tanya’s letterpress class especially rewarding since I spend a considerable amount of time blogging about beautiful letterpress stationery.  Now I can write from experience that I know how time-consuming, intricate and detail oriented the process is to get a good-looking end product.  I am happy with my thank you cards and personal stationery but it doesn’t come close to some of the professional items you see on the market.  If you are interested in a fun couple of hours, have an interest in learning about letterpress or want to make your own stationery, I would totally recommend the experience.  To see more of Tanya’s stuff, check out her blog here.

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One Response to “Letterpress in Toronto @ Snap + Tumble”

  1. SnOOp says:

    How much fun… I wish you showed us what you made…. I love old letter presses. Cool post x

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