affordable letterpress

I am laughing to myself as I write this post.  Affordable letterpress are not two words you often hear together in the same sentence but when experienced stationery designers ban together like they have in The Pressroom and Company, economies of scale are realized.  The Pressroom and Company , officially launched January 15, 2011, has a good business model offering letterpress enthusiasts a mini marketplace of designers and companies who have elected to collaborate together.  I have been trying to read up a bit more on letterpress myself as I am going to be taking a letterpress workshop at the end of February with a friend in Toronto.  The Pressroom and Company has designers such as Brown Sugar Design, Good on Paper, Ruby & Willow, Flush Designs and the Social Type among a sizeable list of contributors from around the globe.  Their blog and website are full of ideas, prices (thank you for transperency!), FAQs and links to the designers. 

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