London: fav breakfast- My Old Dutch Pancake House

While walking around Kensington one afternoon, we passed by a small restaurant called My Old Dutch Pancake House.  We looked the place up to see if they had any other locations, and to our luck they had a spot in Chelsea, where we would be the following day.  After our mini “trek” from the tube station, we arrived at My Old Dutch Pancake House and soon found out there was nothing “small” about this restaurant. 

If you haven’ had a Dutch pancake before they are huge.  They are the size of a small pizza and are a cross between a pancake and a crepe.  At My Old Dutch you could make your own pancake and choose toppings.  I went with an apple, pear, cinnamon and honey pancake topped with loads of icing sugar.  There were toppings like caramel, nutella and other rich sauces but I couldn’t do it.  I could barely finish the one I got given the size.  If sweet is not your thing, there is also a large selection of savoury pancakes for lunch/dinner.  I have never had a dutch pancake and if I had the chance again, I would go back 100%.

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