the flour pot bakery

I am blogging at 1am which may indicate that my life is slightly insane.   Between working, teaching yoga, studying for night school and renovating, my creative outlet, blogging, has taken a bit of a back seat.  (not happy about this one bit).  I have another week or two before things at the condo wrap up for good and I get my weekends back to explore the blogsphere and share my inspirations.  What’s worse, I didn’t even get to blog about my favourite holiday, Thanksgiving and blog about my birthday this past week. 

Just to let you know that I haven’t completely disappeared off the map, here is a sweet piece of branding that I saw posted on the blog, frolic that was in turn posted on Truly Smitten.

I saw it in my half sleepy state and was giddy with excitement over the lettering and menu for the flour pot bakery designed by Sara Nicely (from San Francisco).  

via frolic

via sara nicely

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