ice cream sandwich

Nothing says summer like ice cream.  This past week in both the Toronto Star and Toronto Life magazine, I have read ice cream sandwich reviews.  Apparently, ice cream sandwiches are getting some press and recognition in Toronto newspapers.

I love the idea of serving ice cream sandwiches at events.  Not only are they easy to eat (minus drips), they are fulfilling, fun and customizable to your guests likes.  Whether it is choosing an innovative casing like a brioche, brownie,  traditional cookie or wafer, choosing a non-traditional ice cream or customizing the outside a la ice cream sandwich rolled in gummy bears, chocolate chips, pop corn, or caramel, you can have a lot of fun with these desserts.

Here are a couple of ideas I like that I have seen in the blogsphere:

via spicy ice cream "chocolate chili spicy ice cream sandwiches" from David Lebowitz


via bon appetit "chocolate dipped ice cream sandwich"

via saucy sprinkles

via tartlette "vanilla bean chocolate ice cream sandwich"

via toronto life "ice cream brioche"

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