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I took a mini vacation this weekend to Michigan.  It’s been ages since I last visited the Somerset Collection and decided to make a weekend out of it.  My find of the weekend had to be from grocery store, Holiday Market, in Royal Oak, Michigan (near Troy/Birmingham):  Boxed water.  That’s right. Water in a box.  Two young entrepreneurs from Michigan created the product and I love its simplicity and bold packaging.  I was walking up and down the aisles taking in everything new and creative in the Holiday Market grocery store when I was stopped in my tracks in the beverage section.  The white carton of water was calling out to me, literally (it says “hello” on the side of the box) so much so that I purchased two boxes of water- yet to be consumed.  Just like their website states, “boxed water is better!” Even the cashier had a good laugh.  She hadn’t seen the product yet and took a double take when I put both cartons on the conveyor belt to pay. 

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