chocolate raspberry layer cake

I made a chocolate raspberry layer cake this weekend out of the new Bon Appetit magazine.  Recipe is here.  It was a hit with the guests.  There were six adults and the ate half the cake by the time I returned at the end of the evening.  Comments were that the cake was moist, dense but not overly sweet which is nice.  The ganache, raspberry jam layer which I changed to a blackberry jam layer and the raspberries all worked nicely together.  No flavour overpowered.  The end result- a very satisfying piece of cake and I would make it again because it was easy.  The only thing I will forewarn, my ganache was not thick to begin and I had to refrigerate and freeze (as per recipe instructions) to get it the consistency of something spreadable (like a butter cream).  The first layer of icing, there were lots of spaces/gaps between the cake and I was strategizing that I would have to turn this thing into some sort of deconstructed chocolate raspberry shortcake or something.  In the end, the ganache reached its desired consistency and spread like a dream as you can see in my pictures below.  

As an aside, I have to admit, it’s been a while since i’ve made anything out of bon appetite with all the wonderful recipes available on blogs.  I guess magazines really do have some serious competition now that everyone and their mother is a chef, decorator, event planner and designer. 

Here is what the cake looks like in the magazine:

via bon appetit


Here is what I made:




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