I am venturing to a new US destination tomorrow morning:  Chicago.  After almost eight years of back and forth to New York with only a small detour to San Francisco and Boston, I have not done my part to explore the US.  I drew the line when the talk of vacation to a US destination came up and decided if I keep going back to my usual haunts, I will never get to anywhere new.  How will I bring back new and inspiring ideas if I keep going to the same cities (not that there is anything uninspiring about New York, SF and Boston). 

I have a massive itinerary of food, food, architecture, food and men’s clothing stores (for my bf).  We are an odd bunch of tourists if you ask me.  Who goes to a city and completely bypasses the tourist stuff, the monuments, the things the city is well-known for and instead compiles a list of restaurants, coffee/tea shops, bakeries, and grocery stores as a way to tour a destination?  I figure, it is via food that we will experience the city, its neighbourhoods and what the rave reviews are all about when people talk about Chicago pizza, chicken and waffles, hotdogs and a long list of other “chicago” style items I have read about while doing my city research.

In honour of the trip, I put together a selection of event ideas from three Chicago blogs:, Itsajaimething, and Chicago Style Unveiled

Items mentioned below:

David Burke’s Primehouse

Flirty Cupcakes (aka the cupcake van)

Looking forward to reporting back on my experiences this weekend.

via chicagoist (david burke's pastry kitchen at Primehouse)

via it's a jaime thing "cupcake on wheels"

via Chicago Style Unveiled

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  1. Thanks for featuring us in your blog! We’re thrilled that we could help you plan your Chicago. Having lived there for 13 years, Chicago holds a special place in my heart. Have a blast! It’s a FUN city!!! 🙂

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