cool espresso bar design

Tinderbox Espresso Bar in Islington, London first seen on We Heart, a great UK based lifestyle website that reports on everything cool and hip from a culture and design perspective.  They were spot on with Tinderbox.  It looks pretty cool if you ask me.  Look at the interior of this place put together by London-based Jonathan Clark Architecture!  I would love a space like this in Toronto for coffee, for meetings, for work and for fun.  A nice alternative to ubiquitous Starbucks.  The blogger behind Designing Lives said it right about this place that even if I didn’t need coffee, and I never do because I don’t drink the stuff, that Tinderbox Espresso Bar is a  place that is inviting enough that you would want to stop in and grab something.  Enjoy the shots below and your week.

via we heart


via we heart

via hipster collective

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  1. Loved this allot, and as you said, I would just go in there it looks sooo good!

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