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It is family day in Toronto today.  Businesses are closed and it is a time for families to spend time together/an excuse for a long weekend.  To celebrate a day off work, I went to explore a new coffee shop with my mom and boyfriend that opened not too long ago, called The Rooster Coffee Shop.  I remember driving by the space on Broadview south of Danforth a couple times over the past five months and noticing construction and something new brewing in the neighbourhood.   Well the word on the street is that it opened in December 2009 by Shawn Andrews and her partner Dave.  The result of their hard work and entrepreneurship is a super cute, modern-meets-French subway tile-meets-vintage looking coffee shop with fun board games, magazines and coffee table books met set in the backdrop of  communal and individual seating.  Two cappuccino and one hot chocolate later, the three of us felt satisfied and warmed by our selections.  I loved the hot chocolate.  It was rich and creamy and was generously covered with marshmallows.  The two opposing coffee palates both decided that Rooster Coffee House’s coffee was “nice,” “dark,” “flavourful,” and they loved the little “leaf milk designs” on top.  I can’t comment because I have never had a cup of coffee in my life.  My favourite thing about the Rooster Coffee House is its view through the big storefront windows overlooking the valley adjacent to Broadview.   For the non-coffee drinker, they serve tea from Tealish (Queen and Walnut)Go check it out- it’s a good alternative to Broadview espresso which is tiny and Si which is also tiny. This is a place where you can sit comfortably for the afternoon and have a meeting, lose yourself in a book or catch up with a friend.  It’s full of life and interesting things to look at.  Rooster coffee shop is located at 479 Broadview Avenue and is open seven days a week early in the morning until dinner time.

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