chocolate organiko

I think I am subconsciously craving chocolate because I have featured more cool, new chocolate brands on my blog this month than ever before.  Either that or I have a thing for minimalist packaging.  I think it’s a bit of column A and a bit of column B. 

So back to more important things, my new chocolate find: Chocolate Organiko is a boutique chocolate operation out of Madrid, Spain where cacao beans from the Caribbean are imported and designed into extraordinary confections.  The team behind Chocolate Organiko hail from both the chocolate world and the design world (easy to tell) and in 2006 combined their talents and passions to launch a brand.  The chocolate is organic, hence the name Organiko and is available all over Europe, in North America and in Chile and Taiwan.  I have yet to see Chocolate Organiko on any shelves in Toronto and unfortunately the company website does not list its retailers in the city.  Let the game of hide and seek begin!

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