Nadege Patisserie

Finally the Toronto baked goods market is being blessed with a touch of creativity and design.  Enter new patisserie shop, Nadege, on West Queen West (Trinity Bellwoods Park area).   The owner, Nadege Nourian, exported here international experience in Paris and London to “compete” in Toronto’s rather drab pastry scene.  While there are some great bakeries in the city, I think creativity, design and a good product is more the exception than the rule in comparison to other international cities.   What is interesting if you want to talk about competition is the location of the Nadege bakery.  It is clustered among some of the better bakeries in the city (Clafouti and Dufflet).  I am all for the business strategy of clustering and keeping your competition close.  It has worked for a coffee company or two.  The Nadege website could not have chosen better words to describe this hot spot, “a playground for the senses, where French pastry meets fresh modern panache.”  I love it. Check it out if you are in the neighbourhood.  I am still waiting to get down there to try some of Nadege’s macarons (the subject of a future post).

In the mean time, some pictures to make your mouth water on this snowy day in Toronto.

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