Boaboca Gourmet

Boa Boca Gourmet is Portugal’s answer to food meets design.  What began as a project back in 2004 in Evora, Portugal has landed the original team of five international design awards and recognition for the company’s design focused packaging and high quality products.  Boa Boca Gourmet makes chocolate, cookies, dried fruits, coffee, tea and liquor and are currently sold at the Boa Boca store in Portugal, as well as in Scotland, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Buchareste.    What is notable about Boa Boca’s products is that a lot of care and time are put into the selection of ingredients and baking.  For example, the cookies, made by hand in Alentejo (south Portugal) come from an old recipe and all the ingredients are natural and baked in a firewood oven.

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One Response to “Boaboca Gourmet”

  1. Elie's Papel says:

    That is packaging that is really well designed… simple and eye catching!!! 🙂

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