Babble Candy Tower

Happy Holidays + Christmas Eve Day.

I have made two of these hostess gifts with more on the way and received rave reviews so I wanted to share my hostess idea with you incase you have more gifts to assemble/buy in the weeks to come.  My inspiration for the babble candy tower started this week when I went to buy my family friend a house-warming gift at my favourite home accessories/gift store in Toronto, Dana Jordan at Bayview Village.  I would provide you with a website for Dana Jordan but sadly the store has not embraced technology and is a traditional brick and mortar store sans website/ecommerce (nudge nudge hint hint, Dana we would love to buy more from you if you made our life easier and offered an ecommerce site). 

Back to my story, I am a fan of the Koziol Babble fruit stand (see pic).  Koziol is a German home accessories design brand and another company called, Seven Hints worked with Koziol to design the popular Babble.   

koziol fruit tray

 So I went and bought five Bablbes (they come in small/large) and dressed them up holiday style.  Please don’t mind my amateur pictures.  I think I have to go take a photography course in the new year!

First you take your Bable

Then You Choose Your Favourite Candy


Wrap in Cellophane and Ribbons

You can find Koziol products at gift and home stores that tend to carry modern, contemporary products or when in doubt, just google it.  What is great about this present is that after all the candy has been eaten, the host/hostess is left over with a great, stylish, home accessory that can be reused for entertaining in the future.

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