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My friend and I ventured out to explore the Bloor West Village area in Toronto yesterday morning.  For someone living on the opposite side of the city, Bloor West Village is a bit of a hike but well worth the drive.  What prompted our sporadic trip, was a visit to Sweet Flour Bake Shop, a store in Toronto that “pays tribute to the cookie.”  The concept is simple.  People like the taste of fresh baked cookies.  People like to customize things.  So  Kim Gans, entrepreneur/MBA/ex-General Mills, put some innovation, imagination and fresh all natural ingredients together, the end result is a fun hot-out-of-the-oven fresh baked cookie concept. 


The option to customize both delights and entertains adults adn children alike.  On our expedition,we choose an oatmeal cookie base (three bases to choose from) with dark chocolate bits and walnuts.  After choosing our personalized combination, we watched in awe as the mixing and molding of our cookie began to bring our snack into shape.  2 minutes in a hot oven, we devoured a the cookie in our take away bag.   Upon paying I got a kick out of being asked “would you like a glass of milk with that?”  Of course they would ask that (the milk is organic) they are serving cookies afterall.  They also offer muffin tops (think Seinfeld) and granola that can be customized to your wildest imagination.  It is definitely worth the trip for a fresh baked cookie.  Sweet Flour Bake Shop also does gifts and catering options if you are thinking of edible gifts for this holiday season or an upcoming event.


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