Fauchon Eclairs

When you think of an eclair, you probably think log shaped dessert, filled with cream and covered in chocolate.  I always picture a Tim Horton’s eclair for some reason as my point of reference to this sweet treat.  I have a vivid memory of looking at eclairs in the glass case in front of the cashier at Tim Horton’s when I was a child. 

I don’t even know if Timmy Ho’s makes these things any more because the last time I set foot into one of these caffeine fueling stations must have been at least 15 years ago!  Sorry the picture below is so small but it was the only one I could find that matches my memory.


Fast forward to this new idea- designer eclairs by noneother than Fauchon.  I would have never expected eclairs to receive a fashion makeover like the one’s over at Fauchon in Pairs, but I guess anything is possible.  These techonocolour pastries are stunning and I am not sure how anyone could possibly take a bite and ruin the works of cream filled puffs.  Imagine a platter of these designer eclairs at an event or individual customized works of art brought out for guests or tailored to the aesthetics of a table>  I’m sure Amy Atlas would love these!

Check these out:

via histoiresdisa

via materialiste.com

via 8tokyo.com

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