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When I was living in Hong Kong and China it was considered quite “normal” to go to a hotel with some friends for drinks, dinner or brunch.  Hotels, known for their stylish interior decor, great service and trend setting restaurants, would often become top of mind recall when pontificating where to go to eat.  In Toronto though, hotels serve the opposite purpose for me.  I have eaten at a few of the hotels around the city and had good food but when asked where to go, a hotel would not make my top five list of places to check out in the city.  Even if I was recommending an expensive brunch, I don’t think a hotel would occupy a top five spot in this city.  

In reminiscing hotels brunches abroad, I found some great hotel brunch pictures that I would like to share. 

Warning, these photos are mouth-watering and almost motivate me enough to start checking out the Toronto hotel brunch scene which I am not sure even exists!

via flickr brady frequent traveler and eater


via seven stars and stripes


via flickr from basin bkk



via flickr from joan liu




via flickr brady frequent traveler and eater

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