Chocolate Research Facility

This is by far the coolest chocolate store concept I have ever seen and I am sorry that on my last trip to Singapore, I missed this thing. 

Here are all the juicy facts about this fabulously designed chocolate store- it’s called Chocolate Research Facility and it is located in Singapore’s Millenia Walk.   Singapore based design agency owner Chris Lee of Asylum Creative  launched the concept.   It’s part cafe part retail and the interior design is laboratory-esque.  What caught my attention when I first read about the concept on blog, The Dieline, is packaging of the chocolate (makes sense for a hot find on The Dieline).  The Chocolate Research Facility boasts 100 flavours like strawberry yogurt, green apple with dried pear, champagne, espresso, irish cream, Sichuan pepper to name a few and all of the chocolate comes packaged in super savvy, sophisticated, modern wrapping (see below).   The package design is so sleek, it truly embodies the value that can be created in a business through great design. 

The store caters to chocolate neophytes and aficionados alike.  Just take a look at these pictures to see what kind of experience is provided.  I am ready to hop on a plane and get back to Singapore to check the Chocolate Research Facility first hand!

Inside the store via the number 4

crf 2

inside store via oh joy

crf 3

store exterior via luxury insider

crf 4

inside store via we heart stuff

crf 5

chocolate wrapper via the lovely room

crf 6

chocolate wrapper via ministry of type

crf 7

chocolate wrappers via blabber, etcetera

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