Quick Birthday Dinner Party

I was off in Hong Kong and China the past couple weeks and I am just getting back in the swing of things on my blog.  The weather was fantastic while I was away, hot hot hot and lots of time for exploration around Hong Kong, Beijing and a couple cities in Yunnan province.  Now that I am back I have over 1000 pictures to sort through and I am trying to get my new HK + China finds researched so I can tout some new companies.

For today, a post about a quick birthday dinner party that I caught my attention on the Rock Paper Scissor blog.  Lauren’s story about the meal she whipped up in one hour was touching.  She had a very short time line to work with to organize a birthday party for her friend who was recovering from a cold.  The end result, she did a great job using resources she had at her disposal from her store (fabulous paper store) as well as some outside help from her hubby.  It was a very thoughtful meal and i’m sure any friend would appreciate a special birthday meal like the one that was put together below.

One Hour Dinner from Rock Paper Scissor Blog

One Hour Dinner from Rock Paper Scissor Blog

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