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Look at this beautiful cake store in Hong Kong!  Only in Hong Kong can you find a dessert store so over the top in decor and design.  I am off to Hong Kong this week and have been doing a bit of research into spots I want to visit and this is one is high up on the list.

The shop that caught my attention is called Ms. B’s Sweets and it is part of Sevva (pronounced Savour)  the 13,000 sq ft space restaurant/club, located on the 25-floor penthouse of the Prince Building in Central in Hong Kong.  Sevva is divided into four areas including the  Bank Side, Harbour Side, Taste Bar and the Terrace and Ms. B is part of the complex.   

The picture below is the home of Ms. B’s Sweets where confections are decoratively displayed in glass display cases.  The most stunning part of the store is the huge chandelier, originally designed for the British embassy in Rome in the 1950s illuminates the chamber.

Ms. B’s owner, and the creator of Sevva, is  Bonnie Gokson.   If you are not familiar with this name, look her up.  Her CV boasts a long line of successful creative endeavours in the fashion and luxury goods industry including a stint as Chanel Asia Pacific’s former communications director which has certainly helped Sevva gain lots of attention not to mention her sister is Hong Kong fashion guru Joyce Ma, who brought European style to Asia when she founded the upmarket Joyce Boutiques in the 1970s.

via the cool hunter

via the cool hunter

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  1. Oh my GOD!! I need to get myself there. 😉

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