Antique Wedding Theme

A childhood friend of mine is getting married in about five weeks time and I spent the afternoon with her today browsing for place cards and thank you notes. While we did not find anything that stood out, she did share her desire to create an antique theme or antique colour palette look at the event.  When I think of antique colours I think of pastels, golds, silvers, deep blue, deep purple and black.  So there is quite a range to play with if so desired.  My friend is sticking with a silvery, grey, violet colour from what I can gather from our conversation today.

When I got home, I thought about her theme some more and decided to do a bit of digging to see how an antique theme is interpreted online?  What does antique mean to people?  What colours do they choose to embody a vintage feeling?

Here are some ideas and colours that I came up with in my research:

photo via southern weddings magazine

photo via southern weddings magazine

antique theme 3

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