A Colourful Tea Salon

I have so much to catch up on about events.  The past two weeks have been crazy on my end and I look forward to having some time this week to bang out a couple posts on ideas/experiences about which I have made mental notes to write about.

I will be in New York next month to visit a friend and to take another yoga teacher training course and I am already making a list (long) of all the places I want to visit.

I have a couple tea shops I regularly visit when I am in New York, Alice’s Tea Cup, being my number one favourite- especially their brunch, granola and scones.  However, a new stop on my list this trip will be the Tracy Stern Tea Salon .  I purchased her cookbook  titled “Tea Party” last year and have enjoyed some of the recipes but I would like the entire brand experience, so I will be popping in for some tea at the store. 

I found a couple photos of her tea store in New York and the colour, design, tea and candy displays already have giddy with excitement (ahh the simple pleasures in life).

(photo via Yelp.com- Cynthia T.)

(photo via Yelp.com- Cynthia T.)

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