Cool Product: Luxe City Guides

For some of you out there, the Luxe City Guidesare not a new find.  I think ever since I first set foot in Hong Kong in 2003, I have been using them, receiving recommendations from them and recommending them to others.  I own about eight of them and slowly keep building my collection. 
I decided to write about them for two reasons.  First, summer is approaching which is high season for travel.  If you happen to be travelling to a destination covered by these stylish little fold out pocket books, I would recommend ordering one and giving it a try.  Secondly, have you seen the graphic design on the covers?  Colour co-ordinated party favour/gifts anyone? 
What can I say, I love the brand, I love the books and I love travelling. 
(via trend hunter)

(via trend hunter)

(via asia chic hotels)
(via asia chic hotels)

luxe city guides 3 peter greenberg

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One Response to “Cool Product: Luxe City Guides”

  1. Honeebee says:

    Thanks for sharing. I do a blog on gift giving and think this would be a great gift for anyone planning a vacation or a way to rediscover cities they may have previously visisted and had no clue as to where to go and what to do.


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