Brownie Pops

I’ll keep this one short and sweet like the subject of this post-  Brownie Pops.

Has anyone ever tried these things?  I just discovered them and I am giddy with excitement.  Now I have to search Toronto high and low until I find someone who can make these chocolate covered brownies on a stick so I can incorporate into my candy tables and future events. 

Check out Marsha Pener Johnston’s for a full selection.  Sadly only in the US 🙁

monogram brownie pops (via tracy porter)

monogram brownie pops (via tracy porter)


Easter Brownie Pops (via life is a banquet- gather round)

Easter Brownie Pops (via life is a banquet- gather round)

Brownie Pops via (the

Brownie Pops via (the

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3 Responses to “Brownie Pops”

  1. Vicky says:

    I also love these brownie pops!!! Were you able to find any stores in Toronto/GTA that made these?

    • sarah says:

      I am not sure if you would find these in bakeries but I have heard of caterers making brownie or cheesecake pops. I think Encore Catering does them as well as Bite Catering. Be sure to double check. Otherwise, we can salivate over what scrumptiousness goes on in the US or learn to create ourselves!

  2. Kayla S. says:

    There are no stores that sell these specific brownies. i currently work for Browniepops, that has just been sold to proflowers, you may be able to get them through Sherry’s Berries now also. but until now, its just been about 6 or so of us making these incredibly sugar packed sweet tooth satisfying treats. 🙂

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