Cookie Bar: The new dessert

I think you could put the name of a food and the word “bar” after it and make it sound fun, interactive and stylish.  Top of mind comes oyster bar, candy bar, vodka bar and now apparently, the newest food to join the list is the cookie bar according to Notes on a Party

For the cookie purist, this idea may be your heaven at an event.  No cake, no, pastries, no sweets, just cookies. 

To others, the cookie bar is a host’s lazy attempt at serving dessert.  However, to me, it is another way to take something so simple and turn it into the focal point of an event.  ,Think of all the empty platters and serving pieces you’ve collected over the years as blank canvases ready for you to fill with different types of cookies to awe guests.  If you do not know where to begin, just flip back to your holiday cookie recipes/guides/websites and start there. There are a plethora of cookie recipes published around November/December each year so you might as well put them to use on the off season.  In addition to baking some mouthwatering cookies, throw in some vintage serving pieces in the presentation mix and voila, a cool way to add pizazz to cookies and dessert.

Here are a couple of examples of different cookie bar presentations:

Milk and Cookie Bar (photo from brilliant ice

Milk and Cookie Bar (photo from brilliant ice

Cookie Bar created by Dawn Casale of One Girl Cookie (via

Cookie Bar created by Dawn Casale of One Girl Cookie (via

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2 Responses to “Cookie Bar: The new dessert”

  1. take5 says:

    wow!! A place i’d want to visit any day!
    there’s a cake bar (buffet) near my place in Seoul, Korea, but
    my oh my do those cookies look good or what??!!! 🙂

    • sarahlambersky says:

      What is the cake bar called? That is so cool. Is the cake good?
      I spent five years living in China and Hong Kong and love how creative people are when developing retail concepts!

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