Pink and Purple- Bravo

When I write, I try to find local Toronto sources of inspiration for event posts but most days I have to cast my net a bit wider and go south of the border or internationally to Brazil, France, Australia and Asia.

One area in the US that does not fail to pull off colourful, classy, extremely detail oriented events is the Southern US particularly the parties featured in Southern Weddings Magazine

For some reason, this pink and purple event stood out to me today- I think it is because I am excited for warm weather and bright spring colours that will pop in Toronto. 

I am an advocate of colour, especially bright colour injected into table settings, food or overall background aesthetics of an event.  However when using pink + something, there should be caution exercised to avoid producing something that is overly girly (unless it’s a bridal shower or girly reflects someone’s personality) or circus (unless it is a circus themed birthday party). 

(photo via Southern Weddings Magazine)

(photo via Southern Weddings Magazine)

I think this event embodies everything that I like about a fun backdrop: square tables, lots of colour (monochromatic/complementary), use of coloured glasses to accent a table, clusters of flowers in different containers, even the lanterns are fitting. 

The event team: Kendall Brown (Eclatante Design), Donna O’Brien (Beautiful Blooms), Max Hanson (Max Hanson), and Marie Labbancz (photographer – more pink/purple event photos HERE) truly knocked this one out of the park! Bravo.

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