Vin Volo

For all you winos out there.  There is no correlation between events and my post on Vin Volo, unless that is you envision having your own wine party at an airport.  Now that I think about it, that may be a really cool, alternative venue.  I digress.

Vin Volo is a wine bar/retail brand that is starting to pop up around the US in airports.  The interior design of the concept is beautiful, modern and clean looking and what is best is that you can have a glass of wine in a nice environment and if you have time to kill can even do a tasting flight between connections! I wish something like this would open up in Canadian airports.  I am excited already to go back to the US just so I can visit a Vin Volo outlet.

Vino Volo exterior (photo courtesy of Food Rockz)

Vino Volo exterior (photo courtesy of Food Rockz)

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