Aussie Design: Dinosaur Designs

Great colour, great design, great materials is how I would personify Dinosaur Designs, an Australian design success story.  Started by three  students from Sydney, Australia’s, City Art Institute, back in the 80s. The team of three have been going strong with their resin designs and have expanded their stores internationally.   

In my humble opinion, Dinosaur Design plates and candle holders would look great on anybody’s table, if your budget can afford the price.

Calder Plates (via dinosaur design)

Calder Plates (via dinosaur designs)


Brunch with Dinosaur Design (via dinosaur design)

Brunch with Dinosaur Designs (via dinosaur designs)

Orange Vase Dinosaur Designs (via Dinosaur Designs)

Orange Vase Dinosaur Designs (via Dinosaur Designs)

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