Ultimate Soft Copy Email Invitation

Move over  There is a new company looking to occupy the email invitation space that was endorsed by Martha Stewart’s company. is prettier, easier to use, has fewer advertisements bombarding the screen.  It allows users to personalize invitations with their own jpeg graphics and has an expansive inventory of already good-looking graphics to decorate online invitations and makes creating online invitations fun and easy. 

Wait…. it gets better.  What really impressed me is that you can also elect to use multiple communication channels to send your evites; to communicate to your guests in the mediums they use- has Facebook+ Twitter tie-ins, allows you to SMS invitations (for a fee) and reminders, build your own event websites and print hard copy invitations (for a fee). 

Additionally, also creates reports to help you track and manage your RSVP list so if you intend to throw a big bash or do something for a corporate event, you have all the data in graphs right in front of you on the screen.  Beautiful- who doesn’t like effortless RSVP list management??!!


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