A very cool bakery website: Poilane

When I think of bakeries, the last thing on my mind is finding a high tech, navigation friendly e-commerce site.  Actually, bakeries and technological innovation almost never go hand in hand in my mind.  In Toronto, it is lucky to find a bakery with a website.  I just assume that start up capital is allocated elsewhere than building an online presence.  

All my doubts vanished when I discovered Parisian boulangerie, Piolane.  I was blown away by their website.  Not only is the Poilane site interactive (you get to go into the store and select breads from the shelf and place it in your virtual basket), it is also filled with games, information, quotes, a reading list and it is easy to navigate.  There are several mainstream retail e-commerce sites that are not even this good.   The only question that is left is do they ship to Canada?

Keeping on the topic of Poilane, with a bit more digging online, I found a Poilane butter cookie recipe that was posted on  Dorie Greenspan’s blog.  The cookies look tasty and I am going to try out the recipe this weekend. 

Here is a picture of the cookies, called Punishment Cookies.  Go to the Poilane website to see why- an endearing little story behind the name.

poilane punishment cookies

Poilane punishment cookies (from Dorie Greenspan)

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3 Responses to “A very cool bakery website: Poilane”

  1. Tartelette says:

    I was researching the origins of the Punitions to explain it to my husband when I stumbled upon your blog. Punitions are always on my list of cookies to give out at Christmas…I made a batch this morning actually for a (very) late cookie swap. I can almost smell them!

    • sarahlambersky says:

      Don’t they smell amazing! I had never heard of these cookies before until I found the boulangerie in Paris. I made some this weekend as well. My house smells wonderful. Where did you first come across Punitions?

  2. Tartelette says:

    Actually I grew up with them as I am from France and since we were in the South visiting my grandparents living outside of Paris fairly regularly, my grandmother would always take us to “big city” bakeries so I could drool (probably where I got the pastry bug too) and she would always get a bag of these. I fill mine with a simple chocolate ganache and my husband calls them “Oreo on French crack” 🙂

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