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My obsession with macaron has been validated for the 2009 wedding/event season. 

Just yesterday in Toronto newspaper, the Globe and Mail, journalist Deirdre Kelly wrote about macaron assertively stating “the cupcake is dead, gone to that confectionery in the sky to join Krispy Kreme, another nostalgic food fad that suffered from overexposure.  In its place is the macaron….” In her short article “Let them Eat Macaron” Deirdre welcomes new Toronto macaron-making duo Allyson Meredith Bobbitt and Sarah Bell.  I can assure you that while I have not tasted their macaron, I have studied with them both at Bonnie Gordon School of Confectionary Arts in Toronto and they are extremely talented women.  Sarah and Allyson’s new brand, Bobbette & Belle is a by order only shop specializing in macaron.  On the company site, you can choose your macaron shell and filling. The combinations are endless. 


It is always nice when your predictions are validated by mass media. 

However, I will say that I will not give up cupcakes all together because macaron are making their star appearance as the new “it-girl” on the event scene.  Last month I was in Costa Mesa, California and thouroughly enjoyed my Sprinkles cupcake.    Equally fantastic as a decor/treat to offer guests. 


(picture from

I say be it colourful macaron or delightfully sweet cupcakes, both garner suprise, awe and enjoyment.

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2 Responses to “Follow up to macaron”

  1. blair says:

    I was actually just doing a little macaron research and just think they are so delectable! What a great post. Those cupcakes are just so beautiful too though–don’t think i could choose. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    • sarahlambersky says:

      I can’t choose either. I am still a die hard cupcake fan- especially since the quality of macaron in Toronto is mediocre at best. I am hoping that girls behind the new macaron operation, Bobbette and Bell, can add some true taste/style/flavour to the Toronto event scene with their macarons.

      Great post today on natural light in a room from Marie Claire Maison. Excatly what I look for in a space.

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