Brazilian Event Magazine- FESTAS

I think it is important to promote international ideas, magazine, design which is why I would like to share one of my favourite magazines for event ideas/themes.  It is called decoracao e estilo FESTAS (I just call it FESTAS). 

I found the magazine when I was in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year at Livraria Cultura , a big book store on Av. Paulista.

The photographs in FESTAS are breathtaking and I will share some of the most captivating settings with you in the post below. 

From my observations, sadly not first hand experience, Brazilian high-end events are adorned and stylized in lavish, rich, colourful details making use of the country’s favourable climat to sumptuously cover tables and rooms with lush flowers, fresh fruits that would make any North American event look insipid. 

Dreamy room with cascading flowers

Dreamy room with cascading flowers


Pink power table

Pink power table

Candlelit dramatic glam formal

Candlelit dramatic glam formal

Unfortunately, I do not have a website to share for this magazine.  I am unable to locate it on Google but would be thrilled if someone knew the URL. 

What I am able to do is share some of the event URL’s in the magazine listed under their resource section to give you some more ideas and information regarding Brazilian events.

Cakes Decor:

Cards and Co:

Cristiane Pileggi:



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2 Responses to “Brazilian Event Magazine- FESTAS”

  1. Hello ….
    Thanks for your coments. Really, Brazilian events are so interesting and sumptuously .

    • sarahlambersky says:

      Hi Cris,
      Thanks for the note. I totally agree. Brazilian events are so colourful and detailed which is why I like reading Festas magazine for ideas and enjoyment!

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