Les Macarons- not to be confused with Macaroons

Pronounciation differences have been the brunt of many jokes and the source of much amusement- potato/potato/tomato/tomato.  However, there is one pronounciation difference that I would like to clear up for event entertaining and design purposes- the difference between macaron and macaroons.  Macaron and macaroon are not the same thing.

Macaroon: North American coconut macaroons are dense, moist, sweet, and often dipped in chocolate. They are piped out onto a baking sheet with a star tip to create a Hershey Kiss type shape.  Today, coconut macaroons are most commonly associated with the Jewish holiday, Passover, and has convoluted multi-cultural roots (Italian/French) dating back to the 16th century. Very yummy, sweet, good with tea and I limit myself to eating them once a year.

Here is a picture of a Macaroon:  macaroon

Macaron:  Traditional french pastry made of egg whites, ground almonds and icing sugar dating back to the 18th century France.  Macaon are colourful, round, sandwich pastries often filled with chocolate ganache, flavoured buttercream or fruit puree.  They are delicious, creative, little treats that can beatifully enhance an event.

Here are a few pictures of macaron:


Now for the creative element- whether you are hosting an afternoon tea, bridal shower, product launch, wedding or any themed event, macaron can be flavoured or coloured to accentuate any party.  Think of accessorizing a room with pillows to give a certain feel/warmth to a space, macaron can do the same for a party.  Only, they are tastier than pillows.

Here are some beautiful event usages and ideas for macaron.


from Martha Stewart Weddings magazine



Where to find macaron around the world (some of my favourites):

Le Gouter Bernardaud (Hong Kong), Paulette (Beverley Hills), Miette (San Francisco), Pierre Herme (Paris), Laduree (Paris), La Bamboche Patisserie (Toronto)

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One Response to “Les Macarons- not to be confused with Macaroons”

  1. Frank says:

    Hallo Sarah,
    it looks like you know a lot about macarons.
    Please next time you come back to Berlin, try the macarons from “art sucré” and tell us what you think.
    I believe Nina make very very good ones.



    P.S. I give the web-address but we are actually renewing it. Thanks


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